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Would you like to cook yourself thin?
Learn what to eat now to lose weight, be more healthy and live longer by cooking your own food and creating healthy recipes! Nothing could be simpler!

You can easily * enjoy eating without the guilt
* lose weight
* cut calories
* eat more healthily

Cornwall, UK

Are you

Well you can forget about the diet and learn how to cook yourself thin.

We all know the problems with ‘going on a diet’ - the difficulty of sticking to it, the unpalatable things you have to eat (and the nice ones you can’t), and the fact that the only way to stay thin is to diet for the rest of your life!

Before you reach for another mug of lemon and water, or treat yourself to another bowl of prunes and sugar-free muesli, let me tell you it doesn’t have to be like that. You can lose weight easily and it will stay off - if you learn how to eat lean, but not mean.

Surviving on one lettuce leaf is no fun, and if you feel hungry all the time, how long do you think your new eating plan is going to last? Exactly! That’s why we say you can eat filling nutritious meals without piling on the flab.

You just need to find out more about food so that you know what to eat now to make a positive impact on your health. Then you can eat the things that you like, but cooked in a healthy way. You can also create your own healthy recipes, and really cook yourself thin. All the information you need is squeezed into a slim 103 pages of the new ebook Eat Lean, Not Mean! It’s not a diet book and there are no banned foods, so you don’t need to feel deprived. You can save calories while still eating the kinds of foods you love, simply by swapping some things for slightly healthier - but just as delicious - ones. It’s so easy that anyone can do it - even me!

I’m no young twiglet of a supermodel, in fact I’ve passed my half century (yikes, how did that happen), but I weigh less now than I did in my twenties and my body mass index is in the lower half of the normal weight range. I love to cook - and eat - and I enjoy a glass of wine! Over the years I’ve worked out how to cook myself thinner, but it took me a while. I’d like you to share what I found out, and because I’ve done the hard work for you it won’t take you ages!

The problem with diets is that they don’t work - sure, you lose weight to start with but then you hit a plateau where you stop losing weight, you get fed up (not literally) and then you come off the diet. And then all the pounds pile right back on again, usually with a few extra ones for company as well. So you think, might as well have that cream cake after all... But you can take control of the way you eat, make smart choices, enjoy your food and lose the fat.

Even if you don’t cook, there are plenty of tricks for saving calories while you’re eating out. You can learn to recognise the healthy recipes, and quickly work out what to eat now for the maximum taste but with minimum number of calories. The excess weight will steadily dwindle away.

Find out what to eat now to improve your health, lose weight, and stay slim without dieting!

The key to it all is to know what is in what you are eating. That means either cooking it yourself or reading the packaging labels very carefully! If that sounds a bit heavy, remember that additives and ‘E-numbers’ are no-one’s friend - after all, cave men (and women) survived perfectly well without them (or you wouldn’t be here to read this). The less processed a food is, the fewer fillers and additives will have been put in before you get teeth into it - so if you’ve never heard of half of the ingredients in that box you just picked up from the freezer cabinet, try something else! You really can cook yourself thin, or even just learn to recognise healthy recipes - and it doesn't have to be a load of old lentils.

If you hate cooking, don’t worry. I’m sure that you can boil an egg, and eggs are one of nature’s ultimate convenience foods - fast, nutritious and come in their own biodegradable packaging. If you can manage to boil an egg, you can boil vegetables, and if you can put baking trays in the oven too - well, then you can cook a roast dinner! Best of all it doesn’t have to be a fattening one... Healthy recipes really can taste as good as unhealthy ones!

All this information has been concentrated into my new ebook Eat Lean, Not Mean. In it I’ll help you to achieve the weight loss you want through healthy eating. You know the expression ‘no pain, no gain’? Well, in my book there isn’t any pain, and (hopefully) no gain (in weight) either!

There are chapters describing the latest thinking about:

  • balanced diet
  • healthy weight
  • how much you need and why - calories, fats, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, fruits and vegetables, fibre, salt, water and alcohol
  • cholesterol
  • superfoods - which ones do you the most good and why
  • satiety - which foods fill you up for longer
  • quick tricks for saving calories
  • food swaps
  • eating out
  • tips and recipes
  • activity and exercise

The healthy recipes are simple to cook, lower fat, lower calorie versions of old favourites - so now you can have your cake and eat it! Not to mention all the other traditional dishes that you love but thought were too fattening to enjoy without a seriously guilty conscience.

So if you’d like a trimmer, slimmer figure for the gym, the beach, the bedroom (!) or even the next set of parties, why not read my new ebook? Click here to buy your copy now! It costs less than a take-away pizza and does you more good - just $10.99. Or buy in sterling for only £7.49. You can pay using PayPal, so you know your details are secure.

Cook yourself thin by buying the Eat Lean, Not Mean eBook now!
Superfoods, super recipes FREE bonus eBook

Just to tempt you, I have a gift for you as well.

For a limited period only, you can get Superfoods, Super Recipes absolutely free, when you order a copy of Eat Lean, Not Mean. Superfoods, Super Recipes is a 34-page ebooklet packed with healthy delicious recipes and serving suggestions for foods from the top five superfood groups.

And if you are not delighted with all the tips, information, healthy recipes and ways to cook yourself thin in your new purchase, you can get a full refund - no hassle, no questions - within 60 days simply by emailing us

Even if you decide to return Eat Lean, Not Mean, the ebooklet Superfoods, Super Recipes is yours to keep.

Have fun, learn what to eat now, and cook yourself thinner! Happy new you...

Eleanor Knowles

PS This new eBook is not available in the shops. So if you want to find out how to cook yourself thin, create your own healthy recipes and learn what to eat now to improve your waistline buy your copy of Eat Lean, Not Mean now.

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