Foods to eat to lose weight

OK, Christmas is over and you can return your stockings and pillowcases to their normal uses. The New Year isn’t so new and somehow you have gained some unwanted pounds. How did that happen? We’ve all been there – or are still there – so don’t panic, there are lots of foods to eat to lose weight.

The key to it all is being full, and I don’t mean full of cake! Foods that fill you up for longer, and stop you feeling hungry, will help you lose weight. It’s really that simple.

But which foods fill you up most? The ones that your body has to do some work to digest, so they pass through your stomach more slowly. It’s when our tummies are empty that we feel the need to raid the biscuit barrel…

…that doesn’t mean we can scoff biscuits as a slimming aid, by the way. Try to go for unprocessed foods and ones that naturally contain fibre – or ‘roughage’ as it used to be called, rather unpleasantly. The best way to eat a filling, but not fattening, meal is to strike a balance between protein and carbohydrate with not too much fat. That complex mix takes your digestive system a while to deal with and keeps you full while it’s doing it.

It’s easy to make a few food swaps that can really make a difference to your waistline. Choose lean meats and cut off visible fat or remove the skin before cooking. Try brown rice instead of white rice, or sweet potatoes instead of regular ones. Be bold and try some different vegetables – squashes, aubergines, peppers and pulses are all delicious and filling. Have fresh fruit after a meal instead of a pudding.

There are more suggestions for foods to eat to lose weight in the Eat Lean not Mean ebook, as well as a list of the most filling foods. Enjoy your food, and love the new you!

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