Lighter baking

Really desperate for a home-baked cake? Feeling guilty about the likely calorie overload? Well you can have your cake and eat it! No fancy recipes with hard-to-find ingredients either.

The thing that most recipe books won’t tell you is that you CAN make substitutions without ruining the taste of the results.

I find that you can get lighter-calorie treats just by using reduced-fat butter in place of ordinary butter AND cutting back on the sugar quantity. Try reducing the sugar by one-fifth to start with, and if you think the results are just as tasty, try reducing it by one-quarter next time. You may need to add a pinch more baking powder to get a good rise if you’re making a sponge cake.

The best way to cut down on calories, where cake is concerned, is to use less butter-cream or icing to decorate! Difficult I know … but the baking should be more about the cake than the topping (probably).

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